Penis Enlargement Explained

I don’t know a man alive who has not at some point or another wished that they were a little better endowed, regardless of whether we are on the smaller than average size to start with or not. Yet the funny thing is that relatively few of us ever have, or ever will do anything about it, which has to lead us to ask the interesting question why that is? After all, something that pretty much every man wants, and is widely and simply available, is normally snapped up pretty quick. Some people might consider this more important than going to the dentist, but the truth is most men are at least a little concerned about anything to do with the undercarriage department, that has any known associated potential problems, while they generally know very little about the procedure, largely out of not having ever actually researched it.

Is it for Everyone?

It has been shown that many men who have concerns about the size and length of their penis are actually not doing too bad, and many of them have probably mistakenly assumed the average size was far larger than is actually the case. While the average is said to fall in the five to six inch range when erect, a penis is only actually considered to be small, if it is less than three inches. For those who are concerned, a multibillion dollar industry has sprung up, all offering amazing, though often unsubstantiated claims. What can we try and what seems to work and what doesn’t?

Pills Potions and Pumps

Pills and potions which offer to give you a longer and firmer erection, are generally full of a variety of herbs, vitamins and minerals, which are each cited as having some enhancing property or another. Anything found outside of a registered pharmacy, is not a product which has any clinical evidence, to back their claims and worse, some of them can even be potentially harmful. The penis pump involves placing a tube over the penis and pumping out the air to create a vacuum. This in theory, pulls blood and the penis forward to artificially engorge the penis. While the user might have a fairly enjoyable time attempting to generate a long term member development, there is again sadly, not a shred of medical evidence to back it up.

Penile Enlargement Surgery

Many men want to know how penis enlargement works, but just the thought of a knife being laid anywhere near that precious area gives them visions of pain and a penis covered with bandages and Band-Aids. The reality is that penile enlargement surgery can be very minimally invasive, and not see a knife or a scalpel even in the room. Some enlargement procedures can be completed in around an hour, through the injection of dermal fats into the head and shaft of the penis, which has so little pain, even a local anaesthetic isn’t required.

Choosing the right Option

Every person is an individual and has slightly different physical make up, which means that some options may be perfect for some people, but not for others. It is highly advisable to discuss all potential benefits and risks with your doctor, before committing to anything.