5 Tips to Safely Dose and Cannabis Edibles:

Gone are the days when “edibles” refers to brownie, cookies, space cakes and firecrackers. Now, many food businesses are adding cannabis directly in snacks, beer, gums, and candies. Cannabis has been legalized in many countries due to its potential health benefits (very important pro note; don’t take a heavy dosage of it). All the edibles that have cannabis are good in taste. In Phoenix, many Top Rated MMJ Edibles of Arizona natural selections are brimming in the medical marijuana market.

Due to lack of knowledge and not knowing the dose of cannabis, every newbie to edibles goes through the uncertainty process of whether he should try edibles or not. That’s the reason why we whipped up this handy five-step guide to equip you with the fundamentals of dosing cannabis edibles.

  1. 1. Read the Package Dosing Guidelines Carefully: The standard dose is considered to be 10 mg, but a cannabis newbie or low tolerance consumer should start with a half dose, which is 5mg. Cannabis edibles come with 10mg, 40mg, 80mg, and 100mg. The consumers who often take cannabis and medical patient take a much higher does than standard 10gm. Many consumers who until you have familiarized take micro dosing that lies between 3-7mg. If your tolerance power is low then we will suggest you take 10mg cannabis edibles.
  2. Consider your Tolerance: In order to check your tolerance, starting with a small mg dose is always a good step. If you’re a first timer or it’s been a while since you have cannabis edibles, a low mg edible can make you perfectly susceptible to negative side effects. It’s important to never consume edibles with veteran consumers because their tolerance power is better than you.
  3. 3. Be Patient and Exercise Restraint: We understand it’s very hard to control yourself from eating when you have a delicious package of edibles. Make sure, however, to track how many snacks you have eaten. Once you reached the limit dose a day, then stop eating it. And once you have waited for a long time means it could be 2 hours then make another call.
  4. Be Mindful of Your Stomach: Never eat edible when your stomach is empty. Because when you’re hungry, you eat more than what your body needs. Whether you’re having snacks or drinking alcohol, start with a half dose. Another thing to keep in mind is how much alcohol you have had to drink because alcohol can increase THC blood concentration.
  5. 5. Find a comfortable place: Edibles are delightfully portable, you can eat it in any place. Still, whenever you take edibles, always find a comfortable place and it always is better when you eat with someone who likes your company, especially when it’s your first time. You can choose anyone from the Top Rated MMJ Edibles and east with the familiar faces. Keep in mind, if you experience uncomfortable feeling then don’t panic it’s only because of some minor side-effects.