How do you get thin legs? The best tips and tricks

It is to be crazy. Despite exercise and diet, we lose weight on the stomach, but the thighs remain thick. How do you get thin legs? What exactly do you have to do?

In any case, sport is a good approach for anyone who is dissatisfied with their legs. In contrast to the small tummy, the thighs do not become slim through a diet.

All those who exercise regularly and see little to no change are now asking themselves: But how exactly do you get thin legs? I do everything! Unfortunately, losing weight on the thighs is a bit more complicated. Nothing happens quickly here. Patience and regular training are the keys to success.

Thin legs thanks to endurance sports

Jogging, walking, swimming or cycling: some form of endurance sport should be part of your everyday life en venta Turinabol en Espana. No matter whether you have an answer to the question: How do you get thin legs or are you completely satisfied with your body? Because endurance sports burn superfluous calories, strengthen your heart and reduce stress.

The best thing to do is look for three days a week on which you can really work up a sweat for at least 30 to 45 minutes and get your pulse racing. This is great for your health and a few flab on your thighs will also burn.

Targeted strength exercises for thin legs

If you want slim legs, you cannot avoid very specific strength exercises. Make sure you always exercise your entire thigh. So not only the inside or outside, because you want to lose weight, but also the front and back.

This is the only way to train your leg evenly and build beautiful, well-defined muscles. Do the exercises at least three days a week. And that in the repetition number that it really hurts.

There are many different exercises for slim legs. Squats and Lunges are super effective. We show you how to do it correctly in the videos:

Exercise for thin legs and a firm bottom: Cracked squats

A bit more exhausting and therefore more effective: jumped squats.

What do massages and creams bring for thin legs?

If you are looking for the question: How do you get an answer to thin legs that does not include any sport, you will unfortunately not find anything. But with massages and creams, you can do something to make your legs a little tighter. And taut legs look much slimmer.

For example, try changing showers. To do this, you alternately run cold and warm water on your thighs. This stimulates the blood circulation and the metabolism is activated.

After showering, you should lotion your legs well. Take a little more time than usual and massage the cream really well. This also stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. If you like, you can buy massage brushes.

Healthy nutrition for thin legs

When it comes to slim, thin legs, sport is the most important measure. Unfortunately, there is no special diet. Nevertheless, you should not neglect your diet. With a healthy, balanced diet you do something good for your body, you prevent overweight and at the same time do something for your skin. If you constantly eat fast food, sweets, and white flour products, drink lemonades and lots of alcohol, you often fight with cellulite and flabby legs.

On the other hand, if you eat a lot of vegetables and whole grains, you supply your body with all the important vitamins and minerals and this shows in beautiful, firmer skin.