How important is the international student insurance in the United States?

Today, I would like to give you a brief introduction of insurance for overseas study in the United States. According to the open doors 2017 report, the United States remains the most popular destination for international students. The number of Chinese students in the United States has topped the list for eight consecutive years, with 350,755 Chinese students attending institutions of higher education in the United States in the 2016/17 academic year. Studying in the United States has become a popular way for Chinese families to raise their children. Some parents even send their children to American high schools after they graduate from junior high schools (also known as 美国高中).

Facing the new challenges abroad, every student’s parents want to make the most adequate preparations for their children, and the most important one is to choose a reliable insurance. It’s very expensive to see a doctor in the United States (also known as 美国看病), and even going to the dentist in the United States (also known as 美国看牙) can put our finances at risk. It has been reported that a “naked” female international student went home from Stanford university hospital five days after undergoing heart surgery. While the family was celebrating the girl’s recovery, they received two bills from the American hospital and doctors, totaling $1.7 million, which turned out to be more than ¥11 million.

Why is it so expensive in America? The medical system of the United States has a significant defect, that is, the emergency department in the United States is to see a doctor before paying the money, even if the patient defaults, the next time to the emergency hospital must provide medical services for patients. If the patient is seriously ill and needs to be hospitalized, but there is no insurance, the hospitalization cost of the patient is Shared by the government, the hospital and other public institutions, so the hospital needs a particularly high profitability to ensure not to be dragged down by the deadbeat.

Therefore, international students’ insurance (also known as 留学生保险) must be purchased, and the basic cost is several hundred dollars and several thousand dollars a year. If you refuse to buy it, you will not be able to register normally. There are a lot of insurance companies in the United States that offer a variety of plans that you need to compare and choose carefully.