How You Can Benefit From a Float Tank

Even though float tanks have been around for a while, they were not very popular or commonly used as treatment until more recently. These tanks, also known as isolation or sensory deprivation tanks, rely on suspending the user in a tank full of water to provide therapeutic benefits. The water is kept at skin temperature so that there isn’t any shock when the user first enters the tank, which also allows the user to completely relax, without the feeling of anything actually touching their skin. Combined with a darkened room or even an eye mask, these tanks are a very relaxing experience that have a number of benefits for their users, making them a popular treatment option for many people.

They Can Help Patients Manage Pain

People who live with long-term pain often benefit from spending time in a sensory deprivation tank in Perth, as doing so allows them to completely relax and to remove any of the stress or pain that they put on their joints. This means that because the patient is completely weightless during their time in the float tank, they will not experience any pain from spine-related injuries, chronic pain conditions, or even sports injuries or arthritis. Having time in a float tank to relieve the pressure on the body and reduce any pain is a great way for patients to relieve any tension that they didn’t even know that they had in their body.

Ease Both Anxiety and Depression

Spending time in a float tank will also ease anxiety and depression in patients. This means patients who participate in float take therapy on a regular basis will actually experience a reduction in their cortisol levels, which has a major impact on both depression and anxiety. These benefits are even greater when they are combined with counselling, although patients who participated just in float therapy experienced an incredible reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms. At the same time that they felt less depressed, these patients were also filled with more optimism and they experienced lasting benefits after their float therapy.

Feel More Creative

Artists and other creative people benefit from float tank therapy because they will actually experience an increase in their creativity. As the conscious mind relaxes, the subconscious mind is able to have more control, which often results in users experiencing creative visualisation.

The float tanks are likely to become more and more popular as people learn about the incredible health benefits that they offer and how they can help to improve lives. From dealing with chronic pain to fighting anxiety and even helping to improve physical and creative performance, float tanks offer a number of benefits to their users that can help complement traditional medicine and treatment.