Male contraceptive methods from natural hormonal

The most used and most secure method of birth control is the male condom, not only for birth control but for the prevention of venereal diseases.

The condom is a barrier contraceptive such as it is a thin, elastic plastic or latex sheath that covers the penis during intercourse making barrier between the sperm and the vagina. For more visit our website today www.くすりエクスプレス.co.

For more condom use, type, advantages and disadvantages we recommend the article “Condom” in the “Healthy Living” section “natural contraception methods.”

Surgical male contraceptive method
The surgical male contraceptive method or vasectomy is a simple operation under local anesthesia consisting of severing the ducts responsible for transporting sperm from the testicles to the outside in the ejaculate.

This method of male birth control has the disadvantage that it may not be reversible and supposed to go through surgery, so it is really only recommended if you do not want to have children in the future by natural methods. For more visit our website https://www.ベストケンコー.co.

Developing male contraceptive methods
The following are male contraceptive methods and new generation are developing a hormonal level, chemical or electronic and can become reality:

  • Male hormonal contraception: hormonal methods for women are already at a late stage and are expected to be in a few years on the market. As of today the “Gosipal” is the system of hormonal birth control as more advanced tests in Australia, China and Germany with good results on their effectiveness. But they put the brake side effects that can be quite harmful, so if you manage to overcome this handicap will be on sale soon, but also may not exceed that hump.
  • Chemical or pharmacological contraception male: The male contraception chemical based, or with drugs, have found a new opportunity with a discovery of a Mexican scientists. These have been isolated in the year 2013, a unique chemical compound for sperm motility. Now looking to take the second step, which is to find a chemical blocker of this component and thereby prevent sperm from reaching the egg without side effects. Yes, still may be years until this male contraceptive comes into force.
  • Male contraception ultrasound: Several recent investigations, the first over 30 years ago, in animals show that the application of heat with an ultrasound device (such as physiotherapy) in the scrotum immersed in water for 15 minutes may occur several months infertility. Technologies are being developed in this line for early positive results in humans.

Natural male contraceptive methods

Natural male contraceptive methods are of variable effectiveness, there are success stories and utter failure. So do not recommend these natural techniques for men (female give more reliable results), plus prolonged use of the same have been some cases of irreversible sterility.

The base of the natural method is to increase the heat of the testes and is known to be harmful to the development of spermatozoa, so that a decrease of the same is achieved by reducing the risk of pregnancy (but not preventing them).

There are two natural ways to do it:

  • Immersion in hot water: It is immersed in hot water the testes at a temperature of about 40 ° for 30 minutes twice a day while maintaining relationships not want pregnancy.
  • Artificial cryptorchidism: Consists of the testicles to manually lift the navel until they reach body temperature. Do it for hours every day and want to keep infertility.

They have practiced these natural methods constantly all the time you want to do birth control. Time, patience, and perseverance are required unreliability. For these reasons neither recommend nor much detail. For more visit our website